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Training Workshop Building Capacity of Newly Established DPOs at Takht-i-Bahi, Mardan

Two days training workshop of Building Capacity of DPO’s held at Takht-i-Bahi, Mardan organized by CBID Secretariat. The 20 member with disabilities from four Newly Established DPO’s participated in this training workshop.The main propose of the training to build the capacity of newly established DPOs regarding the rights of Persons with disabilities, role and function of DPOs, lobbying and advocacy.
The overall training objectives were:
• Capacity building of newly established DPOs
• Become effective agents of change as a DPOs
• Promote an inclusive development approach
• Empowerment of PWDs, DPOs and SHOs
Introduction of Participants:
The training was started with the recitation of Holy Quran. Later on the participants introduce themselves one by one. Each participants also presented designation and their role his DPOs. Mr. Asim Zafar Consultant from CBID Network conducted this training, as he himself is a person with disability.

Understanding on Disability
This Topic was for the member form newly established DPOs to understand the disability that Persons with disabilities include those who have long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments which in interaction with various barriers may hinder their full and effective participation in society on and equal basis with others survive as an honorable individual without any dependence upon others as well as to eliminate the factor of sympathetic attitude in Society for persons with disabilities and clear understanding on disability.

Individual issues of the persons with Disabilities
This topic provided the comprehensive details about the issues that persons with disabilities has to come across in their daily life activities , the purpose is to create awareness among general people and to train persons with disabilities accordingly so that they can survive as an independent human being.
• Lack of assistive devices
• Lack of knowledge regarding disabilities
• Discrimination within the families
• Education
• Accessibility
• Self-Acceptance
• Social-Acceptance
Society Responses towards Person with Disabilities.
This Topic was covered to literate persons with disabilities and their families about the responses of the society towards persons with disabilities, to identify the issues that are created by the responses of the society including pity, hatred or considering them as a punishment by God to the parents for their some past wrong deed. The topic was carried out to eliminate all these issues, the negative responses of the general mass and to provide a broad insight about independent living among persons with disabilities just as persons without disabilities.
Importance of Out Reach Activities
The topic was presented details of the requisite material for program and briefly touch upon the features of importance of independent living training including the Out Reach Activities such as Traveling, visits to shopping Malls, etc. family members and CCBs members for finding persons with disabilities by making door to door visits to their homes as to introduce them to (ILT) Independent Living Training and invite them to draw their ILPs (Independent Living Programs).
• To search persons with disabilities sheepishly hidden in the walls of their homes
• Traveling experience
• Sopping experience
• Interaction with different people with and without disabilities.
This topic was covered to educate the DPOs upon the importance of sharing views of persons with disabilities with each other. To advocate persons with and without disabilities, government and society regarding social attitudes and existing barriers in the society
The Role of DPOs
Mr. Asim Zafar also shared with the member of DPOs regarding the role & function of DPOs .He shared the last ten years disabled people have organized themselves into their own organizations in 100 countries. Disabled people’s organizations are those controlled by a majority (51%) at the board and membership levels. Disabled Peoples’ International (DPI) considers the role of organizations of disabled people to be the most fundamental issue for the disabled person’s movement.
The role of these organizations includes providing a voice of their own, identifying needs, expressing views on priorities, evaluating services and advocating change and public awareness. As a vehicle of self-development, these organizations provide the opportunity to develop skills in the negotiation process, organizational abilities, mutual support, information sharing and often vocational skills and opportunities. In view of their vital importance in the process of participation.
• Training Session needed on regular basis through role model/persons with disabilities.
• Reassessment is necessary through persons with disability for mobility perspective and Independent living of persons with Disabilities in their native area.
• Sports/culture activities should organize for the motivation of persons with disabilities.

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