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Saaya's Attendant Services

Saaya Independent Living Center is also providing Attendant Service to many severely disabled persons at their homes for their daily works like eating, toileting, shifting, and cloth changing on daily basis. Now this service has started in Islamabad/Rawalpindi for severely disabled Persons. Many people want to use this service for the daily work of PWDs as their parents not able to work of their disabled children. Volunteers  are getting registered for outdoor services like going to hospital, shopping and family functions. Saaya is also providing training about shifting skills and attendant services in different university and collages.


Community Mobilization

Saaya believes that only Community mobilization can be a way forward to achieve capacity building process where individuals, groups, or organizations plan, carry out and evaluate activities on a participatory and sustained basis to improve lives of persons with disabilities. As this mobilization fosters strong relationships between local governments, businesses and community members.

Disability Equality Training (DET)

Disability Equality Training explores the concept of people being disabled by society’s barriers and attitudes, highlighting the role of the organization/society in the removal of those barriers and in the changing of attitudes. The training includes an element of awareness, customer care; etiquette and appropriate language for instance. The training will always be provided by a person with personal experience of disability. Saaya Association has been recognized in this field for a long time and efficiently providing its expertise. 

Accessibility audit of Islamabad by Persons

Saaya Association conducts accessibility audits of accessible infrastructure like public places, government buildings and restaurants. The main purpose is to generate awareness among the general public about the barriers for Persons with disabilities and regarding significance of accessible environment.

Sports Activities

Sports are healthy activities that boost the moral and confidence of Persons with disabilities by bringing them in mainstream.  Participation and organization of such events enhances social inclusion, talent, capabilities and confidence. Saaya Association is organizing Wheelchair cricket tournament for not only men with disabilities but also for women with disabilities from many years.

Connect and Engage

Connect and Engage, a special program designed for women with disabilities

Saaya Association always gives prime importance to the empowerment of women.  Women with disabilities are amongst the most marginalized and disadvantaged people in the world. The intersection of gender inequality and disability presents a situation of multiple levels of discrimination. They are less likely to be educated, employed and well-housed than almost any other population group. Our Mission is to lead the way for women with disabilities at grass root level and improve their choices by being a voice, building partnerships, providing information and educating the community.

Offer exchange program

Offer exchange program between centers for persons with disabilities across the country

Saaya Association has strong linkages with other DPOs and SHGs across the country. We also council and facilitate people to contact the nearby organization and in case of needing any services we can make appointment with relevant department to ensure most credible services and information.

Hand Control Systems for Vehicles

An automobile adapted for ease of use by people with disabilities. Today automobiles can be adapted for a range of physical disabilities. For example; Foot pedals can be raised, or replaced with hand-controlled devices. Automotive adaptive hand controls also make it possible to adjust acceleration as well braking. We at Saaya offer you all this services which is very successful and continues to broaden opportunities for people with disabilities to drive vehicles with hand controls and adaptive automotive products and devices.

Workshop for Manual & Electric wheelchairs maintenance

Manual and electric wheelchairs have spare parts which can require maintenance, repairs, or replacement. Saaya Association has an expert team with Engineer in lead; we deal with replacement battery chargers for electric wheelchairs, handle grips, wheel locks, hand rims, and much more. Our capabilities also include programming manual &electric wheelchairs to adjust speed, sensitivity, reaction time, and other parameters, ensuring ideal performanceaccording to disability

Psychosocial support training

There is hardly any facility in the town for psychosocial in Pakistan. It is hard to accept their presence among the families. Saaya feels the pain of those families by offering coaching centers for psychosocial and the results are promising. By assessing the needs of psychosocial, particular course is designed and monitoring is been conducted.

Skill training courses for persons with disabilities

(Hands on training on Microsoft Office)

Saaya teaches people with disabilities how to use computers, with a particular focus on MS Office (Word, Excel), Internet and email skills. All sessions are done on a one to one basis. These sessions enable Persons with Disabilities to become a part of information revolution and self-sufficient without any hesitation.

Provision of assistive devices

Saaya Association provides assistive devices especially Manual and Electric wheelchairs. Association also provides information and referrals to other resources, help determine the most useful assistive technology for a person, teach individuals or groups how to use a piece of assistive technology and become independent

NDM training regarding persons with disabilities

Keeping the history of helping people suffering with misery especially after floods and earth quake. Saaya Association provides natural disaster management training and emergency evacuation to different organization, Multinational companies for persons with disabilities on regular basis.

Peer-Counseling and expertise

Peer-Counseling and expertise provider for integrating appropriate measures for People with Disabilities in the Infrastructure Sector

Inadequate infrastructure is a major cause for ill health and disabling conditions. Inaccessible environments, technology, transport, products and services restrict the equal participation of Person with Disabilities to economic and social activities by limitation their functional capacity. Saaya Association provides expert opinion and measures to make any such environment assessable. For example Ramping, toilets for Physically impaired Person with Disabilities and other measures according to the requirements of any particular disabilities.

Advocacy and providing technical skills

Advocacy and providing technical skills in making manuals, setting up seminars, arranging lectures for symposiums, internship programs and accepting and educating trainees

Youth is 60% of our population. Consultative meetings, workshops and seminars are very useful tools to make youth aware about their roles and responsibilities towards persons with disabilities. Saaya Association is conducting seminars/workshops in educational institution to make sensitize them about understanding on disability.

Independent Living Training Program

Independent living is a philosophy and a movement of people with disabilities who work for self-determination, equal opportunities and self-respect. We at Saaya Assist Person with Disabilities to achieve greater independence by providing services and activities that enhance Independent living skills. We provide them with ways and gadgets to become an independent member of society. We also promote the public understanding, Accommodation and Acceptance of their rights needs and abilities.

Personal Care Attendant Service

Saaya Association Provide Attendant Ship Training & Services.

Attendant Services to many persons with severe disabilities at their homes for the daily chores like eating, toileting, shifting, clothes changing etc.