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Saaya’s Training Workshop on Attendant Service

Saaya Team held a “Training Workshop on Attendant Service” in F.G College G-10/4 Islamabad On Feb 10, 2011 for the volunteer Girls’ Guide in order to make them aware about ATTENDANT-SHIP and to give its training to Students. The aim of the workshop was to promote awareness-training programmes regarding persons with disabilities. The main points of this workshop were…. • what are Attendant Services? • How does it help persons with disabilities? • Why it is necessary? The workshop was conducted in an organised and professional way and left an ever lasting impact on the minds of the trainees. The workshop began formally with Tilawat-e-Quran-e-Pak. Then Ms Ayesha Rehman, the master Trainer of Saaya illustrated the GG about the Disability issues, she also explained the difficult conditions faced by persons with disabilities and how PWDs can manage their lives with disabilities. Ayesha also told the trainees about the nature of her own disability, she also shared her experiences of daily life. Mr. Asad, an efficient attendant told the trainees about attendant services. He explained that attendant services which is introduced by Saaya Association is most important services for the severely disabled, by these services users (Severe-disabled ) can mange their lives independently without any hesitation. He also told to the students that attendant works as an action for a disabled person. He also expressed his feelings being an attendant that how much he is pleased in doing this work. Ms. Humaira Butt told the trainees about her disability. She added being hearing Impaired, I am the victim of discrimination by the society, although its not my fault Still I am happy with what I am. She further told the trainees about the importance of sign language to fill the communication gap between a non-hearing impaired and a hearing impaired person. She taught English Alphabets in sign language to the trainees. Mr. Waqar Khurshid shared about his disability and experiences with the Students. He told them that he used to live in a room and never goes out. He was a burden for his parents but after getting an attendant he is spending a normal life. Now he goes out in public places and also visits his friends just because of Attendant Service. He is no more a burden on his parents.

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