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Saaya Center for Independent Living

Saaya Association has established an Independent Living Center in Islamabad for the Disabled persons; people with disabilities are still finding it hard to accept their disability. As a result, they are not able to play much constructive role in the society. Saaya association intends to bring such people out of their solace and misery and into the mainstream of national life. It also intends to create an environment inPakistan in general but with special emphasis Independent Living Center where People with Disabilities (PWDs) can visit marketplace and other places of public interest without being sneered at or without feeling ashamed of being on a wheelchair.

Therefore, to achieve these aims, we intend to create a social milieu of the recently disabled and already disabled, which can help in free interaction between the two groups as well as make the newly handicapped aware of how much proactive role they can still play in the society. It is very effective Independent Living Center for Persons with disabilities where they can learn how to manage their lives with disability and fully participate with dignity in the society. Saaya has trained the staff especially Persons with disability for the management of said Independent Living Center.

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