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Mr. Saleem Akhtar

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Mr. Saleem Akhtar is a 36 years old and has been a victim of muscular dystrophy since his childhood. Being the only son of his parents a brother of a sister his parents have always been worried about him. Could not get him admission in any institute so they admitted him to a madrassa where he completed his Hifz-e-Quran. Sadly both the parents left the siblings a year back. Times have been very tough after the death of parents, so Mr. Saleem always wanted to go out and make up for his living. Mobility always have been a major issue as due to weak muscles he couldn’t even use a manual wheelchair. He contacted Saaya through some reference and after the assessment of his disability and need he was given an electric wheelchair that was altered according to his physical ease and need.  After having this gadget his mobility has increased to a level and now he can go out to visit his only asset, some cultivated land that was inherited by his father.