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Mr. Fayyaz Yousuf

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Mr. Fayyaz Yousuf is a 42 year old gentleman. He is MSc. Chemistry and used to make his living off a very handsome job as pharmaceutical Quality Check manager. Unfortunately met a road accident (2008), resulted spinal cord injury (level C paraplegic) and lost his lower limbs. He had been living in a very miserable life after accident, as there was no one there to motivate him back towards life and raise his awareness towards living a life on wheels. Mr. Asim Zafar from Saaya Association approached him on 20th July 2014. It was a very encouraging counseling session and after a meeting of almost three hours Mr. Fayyaz Yousuf was totally a different person. In the end He was presented with Sakura’s provided electric wheelchair that no doubt improved his mobility on much extent.  Now Mr. Fayyaz is living a very better life on wheels while his family pays their special thanks to SAKURA and SAAYA association for changing one’s life to a better state.